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Our mission is to elect leaders who will guide Wallingford into a prosperous future while preserving our town’s unique qualities and heritage.



We believe that Wallingford, Connecticut, is an oasis, a unique community that stands strong in a state beset with economic hardship and uncertainty.  As such, our governing principles reflect our desire to strengthen Wallingford for the future, while preserving its heritage.


We believe in sound, conservative fiscal policy that lives within our means unlike what we see at the national and state levels.


We believe in low taxes to pay for the essential government services that citizens expect.


We are committed in Wallingford to supporting the men and women in our police, fire, and public works who strive to keep our citizens safe every day.


We encourage volunteerism and charity and those organizations in our community who serve the less fortunate.

 From Our Chairman

Welcome to our website!


Over the past 2 years, Wallingford Republicans have supported fiscally responsible budgets while maintaining the services which make our town a great place to live.

The gridlock in Hartford is putting strain on the cities and towns of our state. It remains imperative that on a local level, we continue the practices that kept us in a strong, stable position.

I believe it is through the principled leadership of our local elected officials that Wallingford remains a great place to live and do business. If you would like to help us, please contact us, or come to our monthly meeting.


Chris DiGenova

Chairman, Wallingford Republican Town Committee





Chair: Chris DiGenova


Vice Chair: Jeff Necio


Secretary: Joan Parisi


Treasurer: June Seichter

District Leaders

District 5: Bob Prentice

District 6: 


District 7: Robert Jacques


District 8: Andrew Bravo


District 9: Jim Seichter





District 1: Donna Regan


District 2: Karen Hlavac


District 3: Noma Beaumont


District 4: Cate Beaumont



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