Karen Hlavac, Chair

BS, University of the State of New York, Regents College; Master of Public Health, University of Connecticut; Registered Nurse


Karen strives to provide a quality education for every child while maintaining fiscal responsibility; to ensure a safe learning environment; to promote collaborations and communication with parents, teachers, administrators and the public.

Wallingford Board of Education member for thirteen years; past Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Board; member and past Vice-Chairperson of the State of Connecticut Council on Developmental Services; served on the Connecticut State Advisory Council on Special Education and as a member and Co-Chairperson of the Connecticut Family Support Council; three children educated entirely through the Wallingford Public Schools.

Autumn Allinson

Autumn is serving her first term on the Board of Education. 








Erin Corso

Erin is a Wallingford resident, graduate of our schools, former tenured teacher in Wallingford, and now a parent of children attending our schools.  

She works for innovative and creative programming, engaging professional development, BOE transparency and meaningful communication, and fiscal responsibility.  

Tammy Raccio

A partner with families, educators and  students for success

Tammy is currently serving her second term on the Board of Education during which time she has served on the following sub-committees:

• Wintergreen Steering Committee
• District Leadership Team
• 5 year Strategic Planning Committee
• Early Childhood Education Committee
• District Wellness Management Team
• Food Service Subcommittee
• Wallingford School Ambassador
• Presented at Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE)

For more information, please visit Tammy's website


Ray Ross

Ray is serving his first term on the Board of Education. Ray is a 5th generation Wallingford resident, a graduate of Lyman Hall class of 1958, and was awarded the Wallingford Education Foundation Distinguished Alumni Award.

Ray has served the community in a variety of positions, including:

  • Executive Director of Great Connecticut Jazz Festival

  • Director of the Center Street Cemetery Association

  • Member of the Wallingford Public Celebrations Committee

  • Member of the Wallingford Veterans Memorial Parade Committee

  • Sponsor of the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW) music program

  • Volunteer at SCOW

  • Official town photographer, with over 6000 hours documenting events for schools and other town functions.

  • Vice-President of the Wallingford Historic Preservation Trust

As a board member, Ray advocates for a strong arts curriculum; a culture of respect between parents, administrators, and teachers; updated school facilities; increased awareness and reporting of bullying; and effective uses of tax dollars.