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Donna Regan


For over 15 years, I was involved with the Wallingford Public Schools.  I have participated in the PTO, worked book fairs, helped in classrooms, been on countless field trips and helped with field day.  But the most important part of those 15 years was acting as an advocate for my children.  I have often told my children’s teachers that it was not their job to educate my children – it was also my job.  I saw myself as part of the team in providing a solid education.  And now, as my children navigate through high school, I feel I have set them on a path to be their own advocates, with my support.


2021 marks the first year I don’t have a child in the school system.  I feel the need to stay connected to the school system that I’ve come to know and love.  Serving on the Board of Education seems like a perfect opportunity for me to continue working in the school community.


The mission statement for Wallingford Public Schools is “To inspire through innovative and engaging experiences that lead all learners to pursue and discover their personal best.”


My 20 years in the technology industry can help achieve that mission.  I want to explore technology and tools that not only to help our students develop and embrace their unique learning styles but help teachers provide that experience.  Serving on the BOE would also provide me an opportunity to listen and advocate for all the teachers working so hard for their students to succeed.

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