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Marla Roscoe



As a mom of two young boys (3 and 5) who are entering the Wallingford educational 

system, there is no better time for me to throw my hat into this ring. After all, I have a 

vested interest in their getting the best education possible, and my instinctive efforts for them can only serve to provide the best for all of Wallingford’s students.  As a Doctor of 

Physical Therapy and a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, I am passionate about our 

students having a well-rounded education. I must admit that while I do not have all the 

answers, I promise to actively listen, and make informed decisions that have our children’s best educational interests and growth at their core.  

Over the next few months I will work diligently to demonstrate who I am, and I urge you to check out my Facebook page (Marla Roscoe for Board of Ed) and follow me along 

the campaign trail. 

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