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Our mission is to elect leaders who will guide Wallingford into a prosperous future while preserving our town’s unique qualities and heritage.

Our Principles

We believe that Wallingford, Connecticut, is an oasis, a unique community that stands strong in a state beset with economic hardship and uncertainty.  As such, our governing principles reflect our desire to strengthen Wallingford for the future, while preserving its heritage.


We believe in sound, conservative fiscal policy that lives within our means unlike what we see at the national and state levels.


​We believe in low taxes to pay for the essential government services that citizens expect.


We are committed in Wallingford to supporting the men and women in our police, fire, and public works who strive to keep our citizens safe every day.


We encourage volunteerism and charity and those organizations in our community who serve the less fortunate.


Chair - Chris DiGenova


Vice Chair - Jeff Necio


Secretary - Autumn Allinson


Treasurer - Jo-Ann Rusczek


District 1: Sally Saldamarco


District 2: Karen Hlavac


District 3: Noma Beaumont


District 4: Cate Beaumont


District 5: Bob Prentice

District 6: 


District 7: Robert Jacques


District 8: Vincent Cervoni

District 9: Craig Fishbein


Social Media/Website: Kerry Lentz


Membership/Recruitment: Kathy Hannafey 


Fundraising: Liz Davis 

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