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Town of Wallingford Boards, Committees and Commissions

Thank you for contacting us. Your personal involvement can/will have a direct and important impact on our community. Your town government works best when committed citizens are consistently engaged. If you are a new Wallingford resident, we welcome your involvement.

There are many hardworking bipartisan volunteers across Wallingford’s many Boards and Commissions. We greatly appreciate the exemplary work they do supporting our elected representatives and town professionals. At any given time, there could be an opening on a Board or Committee that you are interested in. There is always a need for new talent, and we encourage you to contact us.

If you are interested in a position, please contact the Wallingford Republican Town Committee at SIGN UP NOW

Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics consists of four members who meet from time to time as the case may be. The Board of Ethics addresses matters involving applications of and, in some instances, possible violation of the Town of Wallingford’s Code of Ethics.

Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission consists of seven members and three alternates. The commission usually meets twice a month, and works to attract new business development.

Historic Properties Commission

The Historic Properties Commission consists of five members and two alternates. The commission meets (at least) annually. 

Inlands Wetlands and Watercourses Commission

The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission consists of four regular members and four alternates. The commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month. The commission regulates activities in and near watercourses, in areas designated as inland wetlands, and any activities which may have an impact on wetlands or watercourses.

Planning and Zoning Commission

This Planning and Zoning Commission consists of five regular members and three alternates. The Commission meets on the second Monday of each month.


Parks and Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of five members who serve as an advisory commission to the Parks and Recreation Director.  The Commission meets quarterly.

Pension Commission

The Pension Commission consists of six members, three of which are appointed, and three of which are (by Charter) made members as a result of their position in town government. The Commission reviews town pension funding adequacy, as well as investment strategies.


Public Celebrations Committee

The Public Celebrations Committee consists of fourteen members. The Committee meets (at least) monthly.


Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five regular members and three alternates. The Board of Appeals reviews waiver applications for local commercial and residential projects.


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