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Craig Fishbein

State Representative - 90th District

It continues to be an honor and pleasure to represent Wallingford and Middlefield in the legislature - standing up for the fundamental principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. With that in mind, I have filed to run for re-election.

As a member of the legislature, I have served on various committees including Commerce, Energy & Technology, Environment, and Government Accountability & Elections, gaining diverse knowledge in many areas. Currently, I serve as the House Ranking Member (meaning that I am the House Republican Leader) of the Judiciary Committee. I am also a member of the Public Safety & Security Committee, as well as the unique Regulations Review Committee.


To Hartford, I have brought my experiences as a municipal official (I am serving my eighth term on the Wallingford Town Council) as well as a trial attorney of twenty-three years (where I concentrate in the areas of family law, domestic violence, victim rights, and civil & constitutional rights), lending practical experience on both fronts. I have actively supported law enforcement, opposing ongoing initiatives to further prevent them from doing their jobs, and keeping us safe.

Although buoyed in recent years by inordinate federal funding, post-pandemic that financial crutch is no longer. Connecticut needs to change its direction, fiscally and philosophically. Guided by the above principles, I will continue to seek that change. I respectfully request that, should you support my efforts, you consider supporting my re-election. With that in mind, please know that the campaign website is:

I thank you in advance for your kind support, and look forward to another successful campaign for state office.



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