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Early Voting

Connecticut residents can now participate in early voting. Legislation enacted by the state legislature in May 2023 mandates 14 days of early voting for general elections, 7 days for most primaries, and 4 days for special elections and presidential preference primaries. 


Location of Polling Place for Early Voting

Town Hall

45 South Main Street, 1st Floor

Wallingford, CT

For any questions, please call the Registrar's Office at 203-294-2125


Early Voting Dates 2024

October 21 - 31

November 1 - 3

10 am – 6 pm everyday

8 am – 8 pm on October 29 and 31

Additional Important Voter Registrtion Information

For Unaffiliated Voters or to Change Party Designation

Friday, October 18, 2024

Deadline for voter registration by mail to be post-marked

Deadline for voter registration at the DMV by close of business

Deadline for voter registration online by 11:59 pm

Deadline for voter registration in person by 8:00 pm

For Those Not Yet Registered 

Same Day Voter Registration-if you are not registered, but want to vote during the Early Voting period, you may register in person every day of Early Voting at the Early Voting location.


If you are not registered, but want to vote on Election Day, you may register in person on Election Day at your Election Day Registration site.



What to expect at the Early Voting location?

When you arrive at the Early Voting location, you will check in and be verified as an eligible voter. You will then receive your ballot with an envelope. You will complete your ballot at a privacy booth and seal it in the approved envelope. Before you leave, place the sealed envelope in the secure receptacle as instructed by the election officials. Ballots will be secured unopened until Election Day.


When will ballots be counted?


Ballots cast during Early Voting will be sealed and stored securely in each town. They will be opened and counted on Election Day.


How does Early Voting differ from voting by absentee ballot?


Absentee Ballot voting requires a reason (from a list of six, found at Early Voting is available to every eligible voter without a specific reason. Early Voting may be done only in-person, not via mail or drop box.

Can I vote on weekends?


Yes. Early Voting includes Saturdays and Sundays for most elections


How is it ensuredpeople do not vote twice?


The election official at your Early Voting location will record that you have cast your ballot, preventing you from voting early at any other location, submitting an absentee ballot, or voting on Election Day.


Can I register to vote during the Early Voting period?


You may register and vote on the same day during the Early Voting period before regular general elections. For Primary Election details, see detailed instructions on

Click here to view the candidates for office.

-Information provided from various sources including CT Secretary of State and Wallingford Town Government websites

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